CNE (Chief Nap Expert)
& Junior Mischief Maker

Newest to the company, yet full of motivation and drive, Rose has been self-promoted many times over, and now operates as our Chief Nap Expert. Fearless and brave, Rose will nap in the dodgiest of places, directly in the path of rolling office chairs not withstanding.

When she’s not sleeping in the exact worst spot, she can be found learning the best mischief making ways from her mentor and friend, Parker. And although she is not vocal, and rarely barks, Rose makes her presence known in other ways: primarily by nudging and begging for attention. Her gentle eyes manipulate even the coldest of hearts.

When she’s not at the office, Rose can be found taking long walks with oversized sticks, swimming where she’s not supposed to, and de-stuffing every plush toy that she finds.

Treat Count: