Printable Valentines

Valentines For Knockouts And Those You Want To Knockout Valentines Day is next week and we understand why you love to hate it. Personally, we enjoy any reason to consume more chocolate and send cheesy notes. So we have hand crafted some printable valentines for all the lovers and haters in your life. Please use […]

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144design Holiday contest 2016

Off-Season Santa

2016 Holiday Creative Contest Our 2016 Holiday Creative Contest has arrived and this year we are paying tribute to the jolliest of them all, Santa Claus. This is the man who travels the entire world in about 32 hours, delivers billions of masterly selected gifts, while consuming about 71,764,000,000 calories… outrageously impressive (The Telegraph). We […]

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outstanding partner 2016

144design Named Outstanding Partner

MotivAction awards 144design as an Outstanding Partner of the Year MotivAction (Minneapolis, MN) is a performance improvement company that specializes in employee engagement and recognition, sales incentives, meetings and events, training and consumer loyalty. Since 2013, 144design has had the opportunity to work with MotivAction’s marketing and creative teams on a variety of work from […]

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It’s that time of year; the changing of seasons, nature seems to slow down and take a deep breath and exhale before settling in for coming months… Planning that large family gathering, starting those shopping lists or trying to wrap up that last big project at home or at work. As we gear up for […]

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material design

A Time for Material Design

2016 Design Trend Material design has quickly become one of the most popular design trends used by artists in 2016. Characterized by flat shapes, drop shadows and bold deliberate colors. Material design adds realism and motion to a flat world. This technique is most famously used by Google in their visual language which has quickly […]

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line art genius drawing cat

Line Art Genius

Ordinary to Extraordinary Design is all about taking something ordinary and with some genius, creating something extraordinary. Line art is an illustrative technique that I feel captures this essence of design. It amazes me because it appears so simple, and yet is a collective of organic lines that were so masterly organized. This is why […]

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Spring2016color Pantone

Spring 2016 Pantones

Buttercup PANTONE 12-0752 Spring is in the air and has brought lush, bright color into bloom. Although we are still catching our breath after Pantone’s introduction of two shades, Rose Quartz and Serenity as the PANTONE Color of the Year. We are excited and energized by the PANTONE Fashion Color Report for this Spring and […]

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Upskilling as a designer

6 tips to opportunity “Flawless design bores me; ‘ugly’ design gets my attention,” declares Jenny Theolin, educator and creative director at Studio Theolin. “I’d rather see you experimenting with the tools you have than considering your next software purchase.” Article via creativebloq

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