line art genius drawing cat

Line Art Genius

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Design is all about taking something ordinary and with some genius, creating something extraordinary. Line art is an illustrative technique that I feel captures this essence of design. It amazes me because it appears so simple, and yet is a collective of organic lines that were so masterly organized. This is why I must share with you a gem I found that encapsulates the beauty and genius of line art.

Inspired by the work of Luo Luobu, Bored Panda user Sofia created a drawing challenge that encouraged participants to take a typical tabby on great adventures. With an isolated cat image and a few lines, we have a masterpiece. Check out the challenge and next time you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with line art TAG US! Enjoy

Line Art Genius - Cat ArtCredit (from left to right): Gabriel Gabriel, Luo Luobu, Sydney Scott, Tom, Joe McKendry



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